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Free avatar system
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Avatars are the future of how we connect on the Internet—without the privacy concerns of showing your face, yet empowered to express your ideal self.

But building an avatar system with vast customization options from the ground up takes time and is expensive. We're obsessed about it, so you don't have to be...

Alexis Ohanian@AlexisOhanian

I have SO many thoughts on this. Psuedonymity on forums was just the start. Avatar based social media is already here for the kids

Balaji S. Srinivasan@balajis

Thesis: in twenty years, you won’t know what most people look like other than people you’ve met in person.

Everyone goes to avatars and pseudonyms to protect privacy. Already happening, especially among the young.

Josh Elman@joshelman

OH: “If I am not in the front row in the clubhouse room, I leave. I am only there to be seen.”

Related: how you visually represent yourself in a circle just became an even more valuable skill

Data scientist


How it works,
end to end

Avatars need a just-right balance between photorealistic and stylized to avoid the uncanny valley but remain extraordinary expressive. We've built an end-to-end solution from the ground up to control that balance.



We use custom datasets to train neural networks that turn images, video, or audio into facial expressions in real time.



We can mirror expressions from any RGB camera or use voice to animate the Facemoji.



Finally, an expressive Facemoji comes to life using our own rendering engine, more on that below...

Seeing is believing

The Facemoji
rendering engine

Years in the making, built from scratch and optimized for all the Facemoji needs. Our rendering engine enables us to deliver the same visual experience across all platforms and devices—with complete control over the performance.


What you see
is what you get

It's a long path for a 3D model to go from a render in a 3D editor to the actual app. Details get lost while using different rendering engines across platforms. This discrepancy often leads to an uncanny valley. With our engine and a custom 3D format, we've chosen a different path—unified and native rendering across all platforms. And as a bonus, our models are on avg. 20× smaller in file size vs. a DAE file.


The Designer is an essential component of the SDK. It is easy to integrate into your app or game and includes options to match your UI and colors. It is a place where users can create and customize a Facemoji that looks like them with a few taps. Or they can change it to whoever they want to be.

Facemoji Designer


Facemojis have the right visual details and are super expressive while avoiding the dreaded uncanny valley.


Robots, cats, ghosts, pandas... or anything custom characters your app might need.



Facemoji works for anyone, and is built with 🖤 by a diverse, remote team from the Czech Republic, Spain, Venezuela, U.S., and the Philippines.

Full body

Focus on your awesome game or VR experience. We provide the characters.

Full body


No more static or empty profile pictures with initials for your users.



Let your users become whoever they want to be in the mixed reality world.


Sometimes less is more. With all the customization options and shaders, the possibilities for fun video filters are endless.

Digital goods and options. A lotttt of them.

Users can customize their Facemoji with sets of hairstyles, headwear, makeup, glasses, and vanity items like piercings, face tattoos, or even a tooth gap... they can be whoever they aspire to be.

Plug & play

With targeted ads in demise, ad-averse revenue models are the future. Our plug & play digital goods marketplace is updated continuously with fresh and seasonal items that help you monetize and obtain a revenue center that did not exist before.


Direct to

We provide custom digital goods tailored to your needs you can offer to your users.

For you

We use a smart algorithm that brings up items the user might like the most.

For you

The new creator economy & NFTs.

Clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing and even jobs are now digital. Blockchain technology creates a new environment to sell digital goods and services. We are building our SDK and marketplace with all that in mind. Our goal is to enable creators capitalize on their creativity in new ways.

Free live audio streaming included.

Our journey started years ago as an audio-first app for teams, and we learned how complicated it could be to get it done right. We decided to build and include a live audio streaming stack as part of the SDK, so you don't have to worry about it.

Audio-first app
Trivia Game

Use cases

What can
you build?

We provide a one-stop-shop for all your avatar, visual ID, real-time communication, and monetization needs. We can't wait to see what you’ll build with these tools!

ARVRNFTsDatingGamesKaraokeMessagingSocial mediaVirtual try-onLive streamingVisual identityAudio-first appsAnimated seriesFriend discoveryAudio classroomShared experience

Tech specs

The ins & outs


RGB image
RGB video


FACS and ARKit-compatible blendshapes
Gaze tracking
Head position in 2D and 3D
Head rotation and scale in world coordinates

High-end models
Dense mesh (up to 50 000 keypoints)
Face segmentation (per pixel)
UV and depth estimation

Audio streaming

48kHz full-sound bandwidth
Stream audio up to 192kbps
Full bandwidth capture
Adaptable audio bitrate

Avatar types

Half-body with w/ or w/o customizable circles
Mixed reality w/ just the head
No avatar, just accessories for e.g. filters


Higher accuracy
60 FPS on iPhone SE 1st gen
90 FPS on iPhone X or newer

Lower accuracy
90 FPS on iPhone SE 1st gen
120 FPS on iPhone X or newer

Native support

React Native

Coming soon


How do I integrate Facemoji into my app?
Integrate our SDK to your app using our packages. We provide a native framework for each supported platform with example integration code. If anything is unclear, you can always ask us on our shared Slack channel.

How much does it cost to use your SDK?
At the moment the SDK is totally free to integrate and use for developers with a userbase of any size. We also provide a white glove service to larger partners for custom 3D goods and features for a monthly fee.

How does Facemoji make money?
Our business model comes from sharing the revenue from the digital goods marketplace. We only make money as you grow your revenue so our incentive is always aligned with your success. Inside the digital goods marketplace artists, brands, or developers will be able to sell customization options for the avatars. The revenue will be split between us, the goods’ creators, and Facemoji partners.

Will it slow my app down?
Facemoji is designed to run alongside games and VR apps. Even with full AR mode on, we still have FPS to spare. We even wrote our own rendering engine to have minute control over performance.

Is Facemoji safe for kids?
Yes. No data is shared or recorded on any servers allowing for secure integration from end to end. All Facemoji tech is COPPA-compliant and we don't collect any PI.

Do end-users have to install Facemoji or any other app?

What types of avatars format do you support?
We offer a full array of avatar options from face only, busts to full body. Currently, full body is still in final development and will be live in the second half of 2021.

Who is using Facemoji?
Our avatars are being integrated in games, social media apps, learning platforms, community platforms, VR experiences among others.

How do I create my own content?
Yes! We allow importing new content from traditional 3D formats such as FBX or DAE (including animations). Or you can leave all the hard work on our excellent designers and get on-demand custom content as part of our Enterprise plan.

3D and AR is cool, but... Do you support 2D?
We can render our avatars into 2D images, animated GIFs or videos. This way you can use Facemojis as profile pictures, backgrounds or stickers.

I have a feature request or found an issue
You can reach us via If you're already a Partner, feel free to drop it to our shared Slack channel and we'll help you out!

Our Mission

Our mission

Building the avatar system for the internet

Facemoji arose from our inherent passion for deep tech and innovation. As technology evolves, new social experiences take shape. Social sharing of emotions started with text emoticons in the 1980s and grew to emojis, stickers, and AR face filters… now what?

We're convinced 3D avatars and pseudonymity are the next steps! The way people express and represent themselves in digital experiences has evolved. But the lack of customizable content, talent shortage, and marketplace management prevent developers from adopting ad-averse revenue models.

Our mission is to develop an all-in-one avatar system that empowers developers to build and monetize novel experiences. And in turn, giving users the freedom of expression and "identity exploration" they desire while maintaining privacy in today's Internet.

For decades, the sheer scale and targeting allowed social media incumbents to profit from the traditional ad models. Now and in the future, growing social apps and games will need new solutions to engage and monetize users. We are excited to be by their side to help!


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